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WWIIWW2 Dupe Method, One Controller, No Lag. Works Every TIME!Posted:

  • Winter 2017
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This Will Work 100% Of The Time, I GUARANTEE it!

Do step one:
Login to both accounts, on the same pad.
- On your main ( account you want to dupe from ) Hover HQ, Switch to your Dummy, Spam B then press the guide button again, go back to Switch Profile, when you see " Reading Save Devices " select your main Account ( account you want to dupe stats from )

Stick Method:
Step 1: Go into a random game, I use Team DeathMatch.
Step 2: When you've spawned in and you can move around switch back over to your Dummy Account & Press B when you see the message.
Step 3: Get a kill ( not sure if deaths count, so just get a kill ) : Now do the next step, whilst in game.
Step 4: Go to Network Settings, Go Offline & after about 5 - 10 seconds Go Back Online.
Step 5: Press B until you're back onto the game, ( 3 times )
Step 6: You'll see a message that says " Communication with xbox live servers have been interrupted "
Step 7: Hit Go to Multiplayer
Step 8: You'll receive an error saying " Server Rejected "
Step 9: Restart your Game.
Step 9.5: This may not happen, but if you see the message that says " Syncing, Spam A " if it syncs it will not stick, do not let it sync your data.
Step 10: Get a kill online & it will save your stats.

Ps, This is for Multiplayer & Zombies

Credit where Credit is due: I did release this, but Tyler and I somewhat work together *fingers crossed he's not mad at me now*

If you're having issues read this:
If you're stuck in a loading screen, you've not waited 5 - 10 seconds before going online again.
If your stats did not stick once you restart the game, you let the data sync and it's put you back to normal.
Lost Connection To Host: xf00000 ( or somethin g) - This is an error because you've not waited long enough doing the Offline / Online Step.
You need a active connection message: when you go online, open the xbox guide & wait until you're connected to xbox live before going back to the game, then follow next steps.

There's always a chance of a ban, people have been banned for this so do at your own risk.

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No step 9?
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numero 9 is missing my mans
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Golden9999 wroteNo step 9?

I fixed, It was a typo not a missing step, that's my bad though
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ONLY method that has worked for me. Thank you.
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Effort of giving my stats out ahha
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Vouch, don't know why others were having problems with mine, it was all their end because I could do it flawlessly 100% of the time in under 5 minutes. But vouch for this, a lot of people who either can't understand basic directions or are just helpless could use this.
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Thanks Chat!

Very simple to understand and easy to do.
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still does not work waited exact 10 seconds then counted slower the next time still stuck at loading screen. get a fx000000 error and some other error before that.
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This worked first time for me, thanks alot
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