GeneralOut of the blue FPS stutter/drop on FortnitePosted:

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I was playing Fortnite yesterday and I decided to hop off when everything was working perfect, smooth as ever and haven't had a problem yet. Get on today and it hasn't been running smooth at all.
Haven't noticed an update roll out anytime since yesterday or today. (Checked their Twitter)
Couldn't be my internals because it was running perfectly fine for weeks until today.

My graphics card could be updated which im going to be doing soon but its a
Radeon R7770 ultra overclocked edition (POS I know)
but my CPU on the other hand is
i7 3770k so it couldn't be my CPU.

All in all like I said its just out of the blue and I wanted to see if anyone else is having the same issue. I've looked up many video and fixes to try and get it to correct but nothing has worked.

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