MilestoneSo after 6-7 long years I have one cheesePosted:

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I have a small thank list to those that made me laugh over the years

Naggy(Elijah) and your damn cats and gta iv shenanigans and I'm ready to give you this name back /:

Tattoo for not loving me

TTGDaedric even though he's off doin irl things he's a funny Russian

irjebus thx for the 1337 infects

Reso the fgt

And Chris for that sweet gold when I came back and Mikey for some gold dust and if there was another person that gifted me tanks bbys

Some cool things I did I guess
My first sticky

A cat picture because I can only afford one

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We so proud of you
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I think you should get thst Sticky bAck to be honest.

Anyway congratulations on your first cheese block.

See you around mate, would love to see more threads like your sticky.
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Congrats man glad to see you have your 1st block
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Finally at that cheese? One block leads to 2 so see you there
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Congrats on 100 rep homie!
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its been a nice 7 years im hoping haha
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Congrats im about to be right there with you soon!
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I don't even know why you took that name but congratulations.
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Haha this thread was good! Congrats on your block of cheese, I'm a cheese head since I'm from Wisconsin, so I can't wait to get my own.
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