UFCWill Flyod Mayweather ever step in the Octagon?Posted:

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So after Mayweather vs. McGregor in a boxing ring in August of 2017.

Alot of people want to see a re-match happen in UFC, do you think it will ever happen?
Is Mayweather retired for good?

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I don't see him ever stepping into the UFC as a fighter. I can see him working with them to make another boxing fight if the money is right though, or even partner to create UFC events.

I think we would see another boxing match with him before he comes to the UFC and gets beat up.
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You have more of a chance at seeing the queens tits than floyd going into the octagon
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the simple reason is No, not unless it's a huge pay, even then I still think no.
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I don't see him coming to the octagon unless the payout is sky high
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I highly doubt it, unless he somehow blows all the money he has and needs some more.
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No. Whe he loses hs current money then he will just do another big fight. Not in the Octagon tho.
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Why would arguably the best boxer the world has ever seen jump into the octagon to fight a style he has 0 experience with? No chance. I half wanna see Connor get in the ring with Manny. Manny would eat him for breakfast and would shut all the McGregor fan boys up for good
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Not a chance in hell
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Absolutely no chance. Although it wouldn't surprise me if we say mayweather v McGregor 2 in a boxing ring as they've been going at it on social media again.
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