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What is happening people!

I know we all mostly use this particular forum to advertise our content, whether it be Youtube or Twitch etc. So figured I'd ask around and see how everyones year went?

Did you have any goals to meet? Did you make them? What were your big positives/negatives? Did you learn anything new on your journey? I think its good to reflect back on the year, especially as we all plan for our future content!

Me? I started the year focussing more on the Youtube side of things. I actually never really thought about streaming before but with the whole negative publicity for Youtube at the start of the year I decided to try out some live streaming. Id watched loads but never thought about actually going ahead with it myself!

Some ups and downs, and it was definitely a learning curve when trying to sort out that "high quality stream" but slowly we seem to be getting there! After 4 months of streaming, only 2 taken seriously, we managed to get that affiliate invite and now imreally excited to see if we can keep growing this year. Being from Scotland, its a small demographic as it is so imgenuinely so happy we've gotten this far!

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2017 wasn't too bad of a year for myself. I know that you mainly focus on your Twitch, why did you decide to make the move from YouTube to it? Good luck with your goals for 2018.
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2017 was a alright year for me Man! Hope your was good
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