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simple game

i guess the next person loves bo2

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Nah Fam Mw2 all the way

I'm gonna guess Mw3
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Mw2 all day.
I'm gonna guess cod4 for the next
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Nope MW2 everyday, I'll guess BO2.
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ImSoFarAway wroteNope MW2 everyday, I'll guess BO2.

nahh Mw2 homie reppin, lets go with cod4 cause its a close second for me

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I loved CoD 4, but not my favorite. My first CoD though. My favorite CoD was Black Ops 1/MW2.

I'm going to guess MW2.
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nope Waw or cod 4 but tbh mw2 is not far off
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Well since you didn't guess, I'll go with the other persons guess.

Yeah. I love MW2, best call of duty by far.

Hm... I'ma have to guess... MW3.
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Black Ops 1.

Guessing MW2!
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KyloCrux wroteBlack Ops 1.

Guessing MW2!

Nahh but close. WaW takes this.

I'll guess. CoD4
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