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Hello, Guys, I want to change my gaming mouse here the list: any recommendation me which is the best for gaming or is there any recommendation under $50
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I have the Razer DeathAdder and recommend this mouse !
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Junkrat wroteI have the Razer DeathAdder and recommend this mouse !

ya the death adder is a solid mouse. even better than the mamba i believe.
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I have a razer abyssus v2 and it works and feel great
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Anything Razer is absolutely amazing. I would definitely recommend any Razer brand mouse!
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This is the mouse i use, and works amazing, is abit pricey though.


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Try the Logitech G300

It was one of the best that I had and it was very reliable

I think it is still $40 dollars
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The G903 was the best mouse purchase I have ever bought. It's wireless functions are superb and I have noticed no input delay with tracking or button response unlike other wireless mice. You can of course use it wired, I just prefer it being wireless since I don't have to worry about any drag from the cable. It is ambidextrous if that is of a matter for you, has 2 programmable/macro buttons on the left side of the mouse and comes with two extra ones that you can use on the right side as well for a total of 4 programmable/macro buttons. Mouse fits comfortably for hands on the bigger side, with the left and right mouse buttons supporting a decent finger length before having to play claw, it's not as generous as the G502 for finger length but still a very good size. The only down side is the weight, which feels a little light, even when adding in the 10g weight in the mouse -- this could be because I was used to the G502's weight which I believe let you add in either 15g or 30g of added weight. Another thing with the G903 that I haven't used, is there is a mousepad for it, that charges your mouse if you're using the mouse wireless. I don't use it because I use extended mouse pads that cover my desk and the charging mouse pad is not big enough.

G903 runs for about $150, maybe cheaper in some areas. If you want a cheaper mouse, the G900 runs for about $100-$120 and is basically the same thing with a few differences. The G900 has no added weight chip to change the weight of the mouse, the G900 doesn't work on the charging pad and the G900 is only rated for 20 million clicks, whereas the G903 is rated for 50 million clicks.
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If you really need a cheap mouse that performs well;

Redragon has plenty of high-quality weighted mice. if you don't mind the red; if you do slice the bottom of the mats off, remove screws unplug led and reassemble.
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Wendellhill wroteHello, Guys, I want to change my gaming mouse here the list: any recommendation me which is the best for gaming or is there any recommendation under $50

I use Logitech G502, it really depends on if you have big or small hands. Look up videos and reviews of all the mouses (mice?) you want to buy and compare.
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