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Hello! I am new here but not new to gaming. I often checked TTG for gaming news etc but never created an account but here I am now!

I mostly play PUBG and Fortnite, I am better at PUBG for some reason, still can't quite figure out how to become at Fortnite but I am still game to run in duos or squads.

If anyone is down to play Xbox add me, my gamer tag is xSeratonin.

Take care!

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Welcome to TTG man!
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Welcome to TTG

Come to the Shoutbox Section for a good time: Members_Shout.html

I hope you enjoy your stay
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Welcome to TTG man! I hope you enjoy your stay!
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Welcome to the site man, don't forget to read the rules!
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Good to see you finally made an account dude.

Maybe we can play Xbox sometime.

See you around the forums.

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I need people to play fortnite with sooo I don't see why not I'll give you an add next time I'm on!
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Welcome to the site mate, ill add you on xbox.
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Welcome to the site and i hope you enjoy it here!
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Welcome to the site. Glad to see that you were using the site for news content that will make the owner happy
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