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  • Christmas!
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Random yeah idc
I play PS4 mainly with Xbox on the side!

I'm guessing Xbox?

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XeXMarkoh (01-02-2018), CMY (12-29-2017)
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Yes Correct
Next Ima Guess Ps4 ?
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Nope Sorry
I'm gonna guess PC.
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Im more of an xbox kinda guy

i guess PC
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I like xbox
I'm gonna guess playstation
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KCMO wroteI like xbox
I'm gonna guess playstation

Nope Xbox.
I'll guess Xbox
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nope ps4 .I have one hasn't been turned on in almost 9 months
ill guess xbox
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Nope, gaming on PC.

Going to guess PC also.
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  • Christmas!
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Gam wroteNope, gaming on PC.

Going to guess PC also.

Correct, PC and Xbox.

I will guess Xbox
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  • E3 2016
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I'll guess pc
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