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I love the TTG community so much, your all like a family too me! Everyone is so nice here and its good that we can all get along

So ye 300 posts guys! Going to keep being active also I have a giveaway active at the moment so go ahead and enter it if I haven't already

Thanks everyone

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Lily (12-09-2017), Xbox (12-09-2017), Mikey (12-08-2017), Allergies (12-08-2017), Maze (12-08-2017)
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Good job Splyce! I hope to keep seeing you around the site! Congrats on 300 posts
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Congrats! Hope to see you around the forums and see ya at 400 posts
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Awesome to see a new member enjoying the site as you are mate.

Great stuff, keep up being active mate.

Thanked & Repped
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Great job on the 300 post, hope to see you achieve better things!
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Good job on

But you only have 299

I guess someones been getting there posts deleted too haha good job on the quick 300 posts
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congrats on getting this milestone, see you at your next one
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Congrats !!
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Congratulations on 300 posts, good luck with your other TTG goals.
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Congratulations! Always enjoy seeing your posts
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