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So PUBG Xbox One edition is just over the horizon and I couldn't be more excited, not only the fact that it will be on Xbox because I will most likely still play on PC but for the fact that the new map and all the big updates are coming along with Xbox one release.
I have absolutely fallen in love with PUBG about 5-6 months ago when I first played PUBG, yes I was far from one of the first people to play the game but as I've heard I guess I was lucky to not play at first with all of the bugs and glitches. Fast forward to Dec 7th and they are releasing the game to Xbox One as well as all these huge games are copying PUBG and releasing their own Battle Royal game mode. Yes I know there was many Battle Royal game way before PUBG (DayZ .etc) but in my option, PUBG has changed how Battle Royals are played and has really set a new standard in the Battle Royal category.
Okay so let us get to the real reason you clicked on this post ($60 PUBG? wtf) LOL A thought popped into my mind and I thought I would share it with you guys. So i think PUBG Xbox One version should be priced at 60 dollars. I think they still would have had 99% of the sales they will have on the 12th when the game releases. Now I know most of you are thinking " OMG... This user Me is so dumb why would he think this, what a dumbass" but please have an open mind on this.
PUBG has been a very popular game for several months and I feel it will stay that way for many months/years to come. The Devs are very interactive and if you listen to them they are really out for the people. Now if you look at most new games, they release at $60 and because on the 12th PUBG will be releasing the games first non-Beta version, I feel they should have made the price on Xbox One $60. Now I do believe if you already purchased the game on steam for $30 then you should not have to pay the full $60, but still, I think its really nice of them to release the game on Xbox for $30 dollars. I believe the Devs etc deserve 60 dollars not only for profit but to put more money into the game and to put stuff into/improve the game.Just my thought's I'm not complaining about the game being 30 dollars but I feel they could have pulled off the game being 60 if they had a feature where if you have bought the game on steam you would get a discount.
Let me know what you guys think about this. Leave your thoughts down bellow.

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Nope it should be $30 just like pc.
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Belieber wroteNope it should be $30 just like pc.

Like i said, im not complaing that it is $30, but because the game is releasing on Xbox One as a full release i feel they could of pulled off charging 60. Also it would allow the Pubg Team to hire better workers to make the game better which we could all be happy about. Like i stated above, this is just a thought. Your comment is very short and has no reason behind it, please explain why you feel it should stay $30.
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I think console games are way over priced anyway
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$30 for the 30FPS we have to deal with when the game comes out, let's look at it that way lmao
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-YoungSinatra wrote$30 for the 30FPS we have to deal with when the game comes out, let's look at it that way lmao

This is a good post XD
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Not every game needs to be $60 especially one that is still in early access and multiplayer only.
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Seeing how the game isn't "NEW" it should be $30

Console games are too expensive.
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I'm not complaining with the $30 price point they will sell more then enough copies I cant wait for it to come out 2 days
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I mean if they're giving me it for 30$ I'll take it... No need to rant about it being a higher price, sure it's in early access & they'll make the money we already know the sales will be sky high, giving us it for cheaper is more sales if you think about it, they know what they're doing and I don't disagree with you. but still I'll take it for 30
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