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So, this may be a super simple question but.. how would I mount a mother board to a piece of wood? I built my PC back in 2015 and so to be honest I don't even know how its mounted in my case lmao..

I made my current computer desk and its super awesome and I love it but I want change and this time around I'm building the desk with the computer in it. Imma have it be very simple since it is my first Built-In computer desk I'm just not sure how to mount the motherboard..

This is what I'm going to make somewhat.. Except I want to have like x6 fans or something not sure yet but its gonna be a wind storm in there lmao..

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Any tips or suggestions are always appreciated.
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Id probably say get a drill and drill like 1/2 for each stand off or if you had an old case you werent using cut out the Motherboard tray you could Mount it on top of the wood.
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Don't overthink it. The way you mount a motherboard in a typical metal ATX case prevents shorting. Standoffs hold the board away from the metal surface and are used for grounding to the case, but are not needed if there's nothing to short.

See page 12 for measurements if you want to make standoffs: [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]
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