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title says it all

i spend roughly 12 hours a day

post below how long you spend

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Last year I spent way too much time on here (mostly hosting, talking with people, was averaging like 12 hours a day).

Took a long break and boom, I am back
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The exact amount of time I should be applying to doing my college stuff.
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Most of the day to be fair. Mostly just lurk in the SB.
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12 to 18 hours every day
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About 4-5 hours, 2-3 in the shoutbox lol
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Mikey wrote12 to 18 hours every day

Too much time just like me lol
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Back when I was just in college and ttg was more active I could easily spend 8-10 hours a day on here but now I spend 1-2 hours and that's just having a browse at some points through the day
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I would say a good 8 hours a day maybe more if I'm grinding!
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