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Been a memeber for 7 years but wasn't active for a little while, I'm back to see how the sites going!

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Jay (12-07-2017), Mikey (12-06-2017), Xbox (12-06-2017), ACL_ (12-06-2017)
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Welcome back man! Always nice to see old members make a come back.
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Big welcome back to the site pal

Happy to see 7 years members returning after being away for sometime

Glad to see you back man.
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Glad to see an old member returning to the site!

welcome back
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Nice to see another member back around
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Just did the same thing myself, guess I'm six now. Things have surely died down over the years.
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Stay this time

We need more entertainment
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Welcome back to the site.
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welcome back my man! hope you stay active!
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Welcome back mate be sure to stick around

Hopefully the gift of gold may temp you

Enjoy the gold mate
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