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Hey guys just want some advice here! Im starting a youtube Channel. Where I can have montages, commentaries, or even for my RGH etc. I was wondering what editor should I use? My laptop is currently a Mac. Anymore advice you guys can give me for being new? Thank you
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Sony Vegas
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I also advise to buy an elgato its so much easier to record!

There a bit pricey!

Heres the link for them bro

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u0001f602 wroteSony Vegas
Id have to agree, sony vegas is easy and simple to use that uses some high quality editing tools.
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Heres a price list...

Logitech Clearchat Headset - $29.99 -- This is a great beginners mic if you are on a very tight budget. This is a USB Mic
Blue Snowflake Microphone - 39.95 -- This is the microphone that I started with and it lasted me over a year and had great quality. This is a USB mic.
Samson CO1U- $79.95 -- This is a great starter mic that has great sound and will have you sounding terrific at a very affordable price. This is a USB mic.
Audio-Technica ATR2100USB - $59.95 -- This is both a USB and XLR microphone.
Heil PR-40 - $327.00 -- This is the microphone that I currently use. For under $350.00 it gives you professional studio quality audio and really makes your videos stand out.

Sony HDR- CX220 - This is a handy camera from Sony that you can get for right at $150.00 and has 1080P recording for a small budget.
Canon Ti3 - This is the DSLR camera that I use currently and for under $500.00 it provides a great quality professional looking video with great sound and video.
Canon EOS 5D - If you are looking for a top of the line professional camera this is my choice. It shoots crisp amazing looking footage and constantly comes up on all of the top lists for video equipment.
Screenflow - If you are recording your screen on a Mac this is the software that I would invest in. It has all of the bells and whistles and will have your screencasts looking professional and easy to understand.

For starting out video editing you can use iMovie for mac and Windows Movie Maker for Windows, BUT eventually you are going to want to invest in some more professional grade software.
My Recommendations:
Adobe Creative Cloud - You can get Adobe's suite of software for $29.99 a month through their Creative Cloud subscription service.

There are 3 different things that are CRUCIAL to have before uploading your first video.
Video Camera
Video Editing Software

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Sony Vegas or After Effects work best on Mac mate.
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I'm also starting to try building my channel, not planning on spending any money to improve videos until i have loyal viewers and such. My advice regards your actual channel itself.

It's going to be slow at first but if you continue working hard on all of your videos and content, it will definitely end up paying off! So don't give up if it seems slow is my advice, do it for your own enjoyment
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Sony Vegas is the best program to edit your videos with
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