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What was everybodys first GT or playstation name ?
Mine was chubbychimp919
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Gamertag was and still is: Pieston
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best c0d pLaye3r 17 or something like that

i got cyber bullied beyond what youd believe with that name
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NooBy S. Don't judge .
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Shabbah wroteWhat was everybodys first GT or playstation name ?
Mine was chubbychimp919

Mine was CRAZY 13LAZ3D and then i changed it to xbox adm1n and got banned lol
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My first gamertag was MC Pyrex.

My BEST gamertag was Rehtahded, which Xbox later made me change because it violated their rules.
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My first ever PSN username was "Element-Mods"

My first ever Xbox GT was "XLJuicyJames" don't. Just don't.
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