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Boosting consist of a full lobby of 6 people with 2 controllers

Within the game the players take turns on killing all 6 people on the enemy team, to do this you will need 3 people with 2 controllers in one party and 3 standing by waiting for the party to get there own lobby, once you get a lobby of 6/12 the other 3 people join filling the match so nobody else will join

Capture the flag is the most used as it has the longest game time and players can get flag runner kills as well as the 2:00 minute extension

The killing consist of mostly headshots for those who need camos but those who just want the xp it doesn't matter how you kill the enemy although suppressed kills will give you more medals

Be sure to stay safe and don't get caught, you could get banned!

Also post your gamertags if you need people to boost with c:
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