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  • Winter 2017
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Ya boy just hit his first cheese GLOCK

thx everyone in the SB and thanks Mikey for getting me the last 2 rep

and xbox 4 helpin i love u all. and seam for getting me winter 2017 badge

now i need two cheddar cheeses so

still waiting on staff to let me sell my clothes

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Noice! congrats on this milestone and may many more keep coming down the road
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Congratulations mate
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Congrats on your first 100 rep and happy holidays to you my friend.

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  • Winter 2017
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congrats on first block im hoping to get my 2nd soon
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Cheddar cheese is delicious! Congrats
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Congrats on first block of cheese hoping to get mne before 2018
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That meme

Grats on ur first cheese mate, many more to come im sure of it.
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Congrats on your first 100 rep, SYRE. You'll be at yout second cheese block in no time!
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i only like mozzarella

grats i guess
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