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Nice to meet you all, decided to join this forum as I got banned from the AV Forum for posting one link for an article saying I was a spammer lol.

I will try to be a good boy now

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Welcome to the site
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Welcome to ttg be sure to stay with the site rules on this site or you may be banned stick around
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Welcome enjoy the site
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welcome to the site
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Welcome to the site!

Stay active and Read the rules!

Need any help don't be afraid to ask, see you around
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Welcome to the community

Check out the rules here Rules

and come hangout in the Shoutbox with us dude Shoutbox
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Nice to meet you as well
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Welcome to the site mate, ill gift you some gold tomorrow.
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Welcome. Stay active and I'll see you in the forums. Don't forget to visit the shout box every once in a while for a good laugh and lots of rep whores
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