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Hey guys so I recently purchased an rgh and I can't connect it to the internet. I have my rgh plugged into my router through an Ethernet chord and I have the XBLBallin stealth server and I have an unbanned K. Can anyone please help me get online I will reward you. Here is the error code I get when trying to connect : 80151907

Thanks guys,
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hmm ive never had this issue try connecting it wirelessly
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I can't do a wireless connection because I don't have a network adapter
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Not entirely sure if the auth servers are still down, but if they are that's most likely why you can't connect.
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I'm not an expert at this stuff but is it possible Stealth is acting up? Have you tried another stealth?
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Im sure xbox auth servers are down this may be why you having issues

Checkout what streamah posted about auth servers being down

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Is live strong and live block disabled in Dash Launch ?
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