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What is everyone's opinion on ranked play?
Personally I really like it currently in game wise, however obviously there are some issues

1. The placing is extremely off, some people have like 0.5 KDs and still get placed in platinum or diamond. Something is wrong here.

2. There is/was a bug where after placements every game you played you would get a loss, so if you lose you get 1 loss and if you won you would get 1 win 1 loss. This is clearly broken but I believe there was a hot fix for this.

3. Matchmaking, the matchmaking after placements is very good you get matched up against people to a very similar rating to your own.

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I'm just really want to play with my own team on it so I know for sure I won't get put with any idiots (which seems to happen every game). Once they get some brains cells and add that I'll be happy
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