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Hello TTG, I'm needing my old logo recreated.
I lost the .Ai file so I cant change the colors etc.

The Request
I need the Logo redone.
I don't need any colors on the logo, just the logo traced itself.
After completed, I then need the .Ai File with the background being transparent so i can edit the colors and what not.
NO PHOTOSHOP, ONLY ILLUSTRATOR, so i can resize it to what ever i want.


This logo was created by me and is my logo for my Youtube Channel.
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Here I don't see why you couldn't just do it yourself if you're going through the hassle of using illustrator as is.

You have two copies in there, the colored logo, and the penned one. Just use Pathfinder, and divide the paths.

EDIT: ignore the stroke, you can take it away in illustrator just the preview makes it look like that; it is barely visible inside of AI
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