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This is a review of the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Headphones.

First of all, these headphones are a great choice for anyone who wants to get their feet wet in the world of studio quality headphones. These headphones will fit just about any type of application. They are very versatile in terms of how they sound and the different type of audio environments they can be used in. I personally use them for gaming, general PC use, and a small amount of audio editing.
For gaming, these headphones really shine. They have very good sound-to-location. While gaming, it is very easy to locate and pinpoint players or enemies with just their movements. These headphones also do a great job of picking up sounds. The radius of the useable sounds during gaming seems to be quite large. There have been multiple times where I will call a sound out to my teammates well before they will hear it. If you are a competitive gamer at any level, this can be used to be quite the advantage.
These headphones also have the ability get fairly loud, even without being amped. If you just use these headphones without an amp, they will still deliver great sound and get loud enough for almost everyone. If you want to take these headphones to the next level and really open them up I highly recommend putting them on an amp. Just about any headphone amp with a price point above the $50 price point will fit the bill. I personally prefer the sound of tube amplifiers and that is what I use with these headphones currently. Specifically, I use the Bravo Audio v2 Class A Tube amp.
I would assume most, if not everyone who buys these headphones will use these to listen to music. The M50x does a great job of delivering clear and enjoyable sound at every volume level. For those who like to listen to their music at high volumes without distortion, these headphones do it.
With a 45mm driver, they carry enough bass to satisfy most of its users.
I want to go ahead and say again that if you really want to take the M50x headphones to their full potential, a headphone amp should be an added accessory right off the bat. Lastly, I'll talk about the comfortability. As a gamer, we tend to wear our headsets for extended periods of time. These headphones are fairly comfortable. Very lightweight and easy on the ears, you eventually forget you're wearing them. The headphones come with two types of ear cushions. Both are a leathery cloth type material. If you wear these headphones for extended periods of time they will make your ears sweat a bit. The given cushions don't have the best breathability for the ears. I replaced mine with a memory foam earpad that solves this issue completely (linked below). The pad on the top of the head sits nicely in the center and doesn't apply any noticeable pressure when wearing the headphones.
Overall, these are very good headphones for anyone who wants to take their listening experience to the next step and get a feel for true sound quality.

Rated Review:

Overall Sound




Technical Specs:

Type: Closed-back (over ear)

Driver Diameter: 45mm

Frequency Response: 15hz - 28,000hz

Maximum Input Power: 1,600mW at 1khz

Sensitivity: 99 dB

Impedance: 38 Ohms

Weight: 285g (10oz)


$149.00 USD

125.24 Euro

Link for purchase

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Great review, I may think about getting them in the future.
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Spencer wroteGreat review, I may think about getting them in the future.

They are really nice for the price.

Thank you for stopping by!
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