GeneralWho's you're most favorite person on ttg ?Posted:

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I would have to say famous .

Sorry to the rest of you but he's number 1 on my list ..

What about you ?

And please give a reason to why this person is you're top favorite or else

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Mikey (12-07-2017), Xbox (12-02-2017)
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CFO, For gifting me gold
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I'm going to cheat and say

These 3 have kept me company over the past couple of years on first Skype, teamspeak and then Discord. Met on Techgame PCMR section in what 2014/5. Good bunch of lads.
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Sean is my number 1.
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DoK wrote I would have to say famous .

And please give a reason to why this person is you're top favorite or else

Yet you don't give a reason yourself?

Mine would have to be maDz due to how shite he and Cloud9 are at rocket league.
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Whoever answers my requests. Its not easy getting a reply on here anymore.
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A very good question. I dont know if I can answer it
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My most favourite person on TTG has got to be Mikey
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Zach cause he's Zach and fun to talk to on discord about to get to meet him as well
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