GTA 5Do you have to have an RGH or can you have a USB?Posted:

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Hello, I was wondering in order to mod do you need an RGH or can you just use a USB and plug it into your Xbox 360. I've been wanting to mod GTA V but I just don't have the money to buy an RGH. If you could tell me if I can use a USB that would be greatly appreciated. Also, it so, may someone show me a GOOD QUALITY video? Thanks, have a nice day!
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I'm not the best when it comes too modding but I'm sure you need an RGH.
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Alright, thank you! I've been thinking about getting one anyways.
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You need an Rgh or a jtag, but i think you can hotswap on gta v i could be wrong.
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Your going to need both mate to mod anything.
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God forbid there's a usb mod menu for gta 5 on the 360, But yes as many have stated, You will need a jtag. Besides, Im sure theres plenty of people who will help you if needed
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