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If you won 1 million pounds what would the first thing you would buy?

For me i would buy a house worth £800k so ill have bit of spending money for a car
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another skateboard and some gold

cant really see much i want
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Would rather invest it.
Save it live off interest.

Boring i know.
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Like the hero i am, Id buy everyone gold and a free pc lmao

But honestly, I wouldnt know what to do with a million pounds, Maybe save it up and invest into something smart.
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I would buy TheTechGame.
jk I would buy a house buy the water and invest the rest.
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Buy a few flats and a bar if I could afford the bar
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I'd buy a flashy watch and chains then stunt on these hoes
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Buy a Gucci outfit and bump Gucci Gang for like a day or 2
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Don't know how much that is USD but I would certainly pay off the house we have now (parents house) and probably but a new house and car then just save or invest the rest.
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I'd probably give half to my family and spend the rest on a house and a car and a beast PC and buy lots of TTG gold.
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