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Hi, everybody. I'll be moving to Florida soon so I need some guidance on some cars, any type of help will do. I can't take the car I own right now with me because I live in Puerto Rico and it's just easier to sell it and get a new one once I get to Florida.

Before listing my current options, what should I be on the look-out for with used cars? No, I will not have the income to afford monthly car payments, brand new cars are off the map right now.
Does the year of the car, make and model of car, and age of the driver really have an effect on how much the driver has to pay monthly when dealing with insurance policies?
Should I trust Kelley Blue Book prices when I search up cars I'm interested in? Kelley Blue Book isn't a thing over here in Puerto Rico and people sell their cars according to their own price, not following any guidelines.
Just a reminder: I'm from a different country (a colony of the US) so I really know nothing about vehicle laws and regulations in the USA.


1) 2007-2008 BMW 328i
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I've always loved this BMW but I have some doubts.
Is BMW maintenance in the United States really that expensive? I've read quite some things about BMW mechanics and mechanical issues that may occur. If anybody's had an experience with BMW maintenance, I'd really appreciate it.

2) 2007 Lexus IS250
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I've been really loving this car and they're pretty well priced (at least on Craiglist cars I've seen) that follow the Blue Book.
Is Lexus maintenance considerably pricier due to it being a Lexus, even though it's just a Toyota?
If anybody's had any experience with this car, I'd appreciate it.

3) 2004-2008 Acura TL
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This is the car I drive currently and it's on my list of possible cars to get. Since I already know quite a bit about this car's business (mechanical issues, common cosmetic issues), it seemed like a good option to have in my deck.

Those are really my 3 options at the moment. I'm just asking for some pointers on what to watch out for and what to look for in any car in the USA and opinions on which car, out of the 3, you'd pick.

Thanks for the help in advance, you guys.
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Gotta be the BMW in that list, maintenance wise yeah it's not the cheapest make sure you get one that's been looked after and regularly serviced.

I'd suggest asking on BMW forums regarding that specific model.

Some good places to start
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I own a 2003 325i and can give you a bit of insight on them, even though you're looking at an E90. Yes OEM parts will be more expensive for the car but they aren't super car levels of cost and if you get a good one the car will likely run for thousands of miles on just oil changes.

    1. Always ask for service records or any kind of record regarding the car. This can help you know what kind of care the car has been given and what has been/will need replaced. This goes for any car not just a BMW.

    2. Find out if the car is manufactured pre or post September 2007 because changes were made during that period that improved the car and some issues.

    3. Check radiator hoses for obvious signs of cracks or leaks and look for any other leakage obviously, Cooling issues on a BMW will do your head in and if you blow a head gasket your kids might not go to college. First thing I did after buying my E46 was a $500 redo of the entire cooling system, which typically needs done after the first 100k on these cars.

    4. Ignition Coil and Fuel Pump gremlins are well known for these, ask the owner if they have had these replaced yet or if they have given any problems.

    5. KBB is a good price point idea for cars, but it is not the end all definite price setting tool. A car is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it.

    6. Insurance is going to depend on location, age, car, and record among other things. In the states being under 25 and a male means you'll probably be paying a little more than normal. However none of these cars will be crazy to insure, you aren't driving around a 500hp F-Type or anything after all. After switching from a 93 shadow to a 2003 325i my rate is around a thousand a year, well worth the upgrade. Safety advancements like side airbags help too.

I'm not just shilling the bmw here, I just have more knowledge about it vs the other cars, but I've heard good things about the LS250 as well, depending on mileage and condition of the cars you look at the Lexus might be the best deal without having to pay for the "BMW Namesake".
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i personally like the Lexus IS250
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out of those i would choose the BMW, but they all seem like good options
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Purley on looks the bmw is one to get. Wow.
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Not gonna give my opinion on the car but I would recommend that whatever car you choose...learn how to do the basics that need to be done (check and change your oil and other fluids, check and change filters, change headlights, change fuses, etc.). If you know how to do all the simple stuff you will save A LOT of money here. Mechanics and dealerships charge a lot here unless you can get EXTREMELY lucky and find a cheap one.
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I heard that lexus were extremely reliable and not that expensive to maintain unlike bmws and mercedes
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Try a Pontiac 2013 try to find a used one tho with less then 100,000 miles on it
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okay the whole issue is, be careful with florida. ALOT of used cars there or either rebuilt or salvage titles and some clean title cars are also a little shady due to how much money was lost due to floods and hurricanes and shiz. Just be careful and check for signs of water damage and or previous accidents.
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