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Is there a way you can search for Gamertags that haven't been taken? preferrably OG's? and if anyone has any decent ones hmu ;)
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I got one semi og

It's called Do u take drugs

Pm me if interested
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there isnt, and odds are all the OG tags are taken
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Nope and more than likely most of those names are taken.

Only way to get one now these days is to buy one.
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I'm selling the gamertag: (Roper) and (Im Selling
Pot) message me if ur interested
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Pm me if interested
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I have the 3 letter gt Gyp but I wouldn't sell it for my life lol
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If your serious about buying gamer tags check out this forum :


Note* make sure you read the sticky's on how to properly secure an account if you do purchase one and to use a trusted middle man during the process of purchasing.
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