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All you need to do to enter is just comment no thanks or rep needed good luck everyone!
Bonus winners

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no thanks jk

but thanks for this giveaway and i'll enter

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Ill Try for it Thx
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Thanks for the chance to win gold, I haven't had gold for a long time and I have been around a long time but I mainly lurk around and take in more information than I tend to post myself haha.

Good luck everyone.
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I'd love a chance to get extra gold, feel as if I'm running low and always great to have to spend money on my own gold, that way I can focus on giving others anyway, good luck everyone thanks for doing this!
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Count me in! Thanks man
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ill get in on this!

thanks for hosting
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I wouldn't mind some gold thanks
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I would love to have gold. Thx mate for giveaway!
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Would love to win
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