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Hey what's up guys I just packed 85 rated Deco in a 15k squad battle reward pack and his BIN is 560K , should I hang on and wait incase the prices inflate again after the market crash or are icons not affected and will stay at the current price and might even decrease ?

Thanks guys really don't know what to do , all feedback is appreciated
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Icons aren't really affected as much in the crashes. Little difficult to tell this year though as there is the Prime SBC's that mess with the prices a little for the higher rated SBC's.

Personally I would sell now as everyones prices are slowly decreasing at the moment anyway
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icons arent really affected but i would wait for a new icon SBC to drop which needs an icon to do and then sell
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Low rated icons such as deco, litmanen etc will not move up or down, prices are low right now for gold cards and in forms, i would suggest selling deco and investing in gold cards on black Friday, if your lookin to buy elite gold cards i.e Ronald there lowest point is likely to have passed
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