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Just wanna resurface and give some shout outs to the MVPs

I have made a lot of friends from being on the site for so long and would like to thank in no particular order

Hiltons ex wife

Ttg Joel for letting us know what we all have suspected about dale

The #Saltfreezone gang

And finally the voice of an angel who recently won a major network show for his talent who you all probably heard of but I won't mention his real name for privacy but anyone who listens to the radio knows who this guy is

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Ethan (11-17-2017), Rodent_Modz (11-17-2017), Mikey (11-15-2017), Schoey (11-14-2017), Xbox (11-14-2017), r00t (11-14-2017), prodigy (11-14-2017), M3 (11-14-2017), Dusk (11-14-2017), NextGenUpdate (11-14-2017), Kyle (11-14-2017), Yamborghini (11-14-2017), Maze (11-14-2017), Gavin- (11-14-2017), Chris (11-14-2017), King (11-14-2017), BULLETSTORM (11-14-2017), Blizzard (11-13-2017), Mark (11-13-2017), Mortar (11-13-2017), Adam (11-13-2017), Luke (11-13-2017), Forest (11-13-2017), RepBandit (11-13-2017)
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I miss you.
I am glad your presence are back.


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Never forget the firetruck pistachio cake
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god bless u
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It's nice to see you still out and about, hopefully you do become more active!
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Glad to see you pop back in every once in a while.

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almost 1k thanks
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Welcome back!
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