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I like yugioh best because I had load of cards when I was young and it was the mostest fun playin frends with yugioh cards lol

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I thought yugioh was pretty dope back in the day..
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Back in the day I loved Pokemon. I remember going to a new summer camp and saying "what if these kids dont like pokemon", and they all played Yugi-oh, I just couldn't get into it.
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idk, i think im gonna have to go with yugioh
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Yu Gi Oh
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pokemon, just grew up on it
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Pokmon all day
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I'd have to say Yu Gi Oh because I was collecting cards way back when I was little and I'm sure I re-call a TV series that I used to watch.
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pokemon video games
yu gi oh with the actual card game
pokemon anime

you cant deny this
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deff a yugioh guy, I had a bunch of card when i was younger and i still have my card collection somewhere I hope but if any of you are yugioh fans, check out a game on the appstore called duel links.. best yugioh game IMO
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