WWIIDouble XP Or Is It ?Posted:

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I've recently got some new intel.
as we all know it's Double XP, I know there's a lot of issues, bla bla bla...

but uhm
It's just been announced that it's not actually Double, but It's Triple XP.
You should all start grinding as shall myself ;)
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Good stuff
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wow time to stop modding on the 360 and grind on the one.
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Maybe they should fix double xp first?
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Condrey is lying. I am getting double xp at best. More than likely saying to try and appeal to the WWII userbase as sort of apology for the terrible launch.
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I believe he was being sarcastic/lying in that tweet, it;s only 2XP.
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Spencer wroteI believe he was being sarcastic/lying in that tweet, it;s only 2XP.

I just find it frustrating that we cannot do anything about this... I am praying a HUGE ddos attack hits them.
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sweet, im about to hop on right now and start grinding
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