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Well It's been a while since I've been on here. Been busy with College and bodybuilding. Usually I wouldn't do this but TTG sent me an automated message suggesting I reintroduce myself. Considering none of the people I used to know are probably not on here, I guess it's a good idea.

So here's to hoping to getting to know some of you and getting back into the online fold! I'll try to stop by for a witty comment or helpful reply here and there. I'll definitely try to fit this in between work, web projects, and of course working out lol.

If I may know you hit me up, if not feel free to introduce yourself as well!

Thanks guys

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Welcome back to the site man, I hope you stay active this time.

Come join us in the ShoutBox:

Give the Site Rules a quick read as they may have changed since you were last here:

See you around the forums.
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glad your back my man! hope you decide to stay this time!
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Welcome back , I'm blizzard an I love to help people feel free to add me if you like
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Weclome back man, this awesome your body building, ive just started back at the gym month ago, would love some advice of ya bro PM me
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welcome back my man, feel free to pm me
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Welcome back to TheTechGame!
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Welcome back old timer.

Hopefully you find time in between your busy schedule to spend some time with us.

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welcome back to the site man I hope you stay active
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