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Finally hit 3K posts today, been pretty active this year it's great to be back and thanks to all the sexy people on here for making me stick around!

Have a good day guys

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Xbox (11-11-2017), Mikey (11-11-2017), Decy (11-10-2017)
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Congrats on 3k posts my dude! Im pretty close to that
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Congratulations on 3,000 posts on TTG, Lye! I wonder if I'll ever reach that milestone?! Only time will tell!
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Congrats on 3k!
See you at your next milestone.
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Grats on 3k manser you at 4k soon
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congrats man, see you at 4k
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Grats on 3,000 posts

See you at 200 rep in no time
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Way to go don't stop now lye ,

See you at 4K in no time
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congrats on being active and reaching them 3k posts I hope I reach them by the end of next year
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Congrats on 3k Lye! Getting pretty close to 200 rep
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