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I'm still learning, constructive criticism is strongly encouraged, so let me know what you all think!

Stocks used:

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That's really good, from what you shown me on Discord to start off with till now, this insane.
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This is really good Axios, keep up the good work man
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it look really good man great work
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This looks pretty dang cool. 8/10
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You have that graphics king badge for a reason.

Looks sick, if only I had skills to do something like this..
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There really is not much to say. There is one issue, really anyone who has ever attempted photo-mani has run into and that is the character backlighting. Other then that, this is one of the better attempts I've seen. Overall a great job.

EDIT: Darken the particles, and her shoulder/neck area just a little, and it will blend much better.

EDIT 2: The post below me mentioned the light, I don't know how I missed that. It wasn't bad, and the lighting would be similar to that on a foggy night. You can clearly tell the center of glow, but dimming it a little more, and darkening directly above the light would be a fix; as well as lighting the area surrounding or dimming the light.

As for the right shoulder, he does have a point, it looks very out of place. When doing manipulation, you have to consider the front of the character will be darker if the light is behind. You had the idea right, lighting between her arms, that was something that took a second to realize.

While it being well blended, saying you can tell what is and isn't supposed to be there is a little much unless you are looking at high contrast. Having this set on a more color accurate monitor I can spot the little details that need to be hidden a little more, such as the lamp base, the glare from it throws it off.

This is a little more in your defense, the particles while if it WAS that, would make sense for the shoulder lighting; but still, a little more darkening would look much cleaner IMO, her hair is a tad bright as well.

Criticism with a side of suggestions is how a response should be done not just pointing out the small details without a direct fix.

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Constructive criticism:

The glow on the right side of her skin doesn't blend with the image, and doesn't look real, as well as the shadowing of the woman herself it just doesn't match the lighting of the scene.

You can definitely see that the woman has been placed there, but that's only because I know what I'm seeing, for other people I'm sure it looks better and more of a whole.

Also, the light that's created from the lamp is not as it would be in real life, I understand this is a manipulation; but look into light sourcing a little more, and where shadows are created.

Other than that, it's nice. Good job.
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i mean i like it i dont know much about graphics but it looks good Axios Yeet
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Excellent work as always mate.
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