GiveawaySturd's Gold Giveaway! (Winner has been announced!)Posted:

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How's it going guys!

Im going to be giving away gold to one lucky winner! The winner will be picked at RANDOM

Please only post 1 time (if not you will be disqualified) and the winner will personally receive a pm from me at 8:30 pm central time tomorrow on October 13th, 2017!

Note that any comments after the time will not be entered! Good luck to all!

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The Following 14 Users Say Thank You to Sturd For This Useful Post:

Xbox (10-14-2017), Norg (10-13-2017), Xbox_Modz_YT (10-13-2017), RepBandit (10-13-2017), Xavia (10-13-2017), G4Y (10-13-2017), Decy (10-13-2017), Daniel (10-13-2017), Streamah (10-13-2017), Junkrat (10-13-2017), Kyle (10-12-2017), Mooned (10-12-2017), Blizzard (10-12-2017), J4COB (10-12-2017)
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I'll enter thanks man
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Ill enter this! Thanks hosting this
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Count me in thanks for the give away
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I'll enter this! I don't want my gold to run out any time soon
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Count me in my man!
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Ill enter dude, Thanks!
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ill enter
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I suppose it wouldn't hurt anything to enter. Count me in
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I'll enter this. Thanks for the giveaway.
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