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Between iPhone an android which do you prefer

I have an iPhone an I prefer an iPhone

Just simply choose one an let me know

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I have an iPhone, simple and just suits my needs.

So, i prefer iPhone.
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Prefer the aesthetics of the iPhone over Android phones

However I prefer the flexibility of Android over the locked down enviornment iOS offers

However I also prefer the look of iOS over Android.
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I've been using Android since the T-Mobile G1 was released back in 2008 - I'm now using the new Galaxy S8+. I will give props to Apple for their screen resolution though.

Android > iPhone
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iPhone allll day
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obviously iphone
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I prefer iPhone over android.
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I've put a lot of time into using both phones.

I prefer iPhone.
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I like own both an Android and iphone. Androids are more durable the iphones in my opinion i have broke every iphone i have owned but ive never broke an android on purpose
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