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Has anyone else found this weeks squad battles harder? I'm consistently getting 84-86 rated squads that win 1-0 from a scrappy goal or sweaty goal despite me having 20 shots 18 on target from which 15 were inside the box. I don't get the ref either how he seems to be super lenient to the AI and horrible to me. I could get a card for looking at a player wrong but they can happily take one of my players out off the ball and I don't even get an advantage. Passing seems strange as well, even when putting it on manual or semi when I aim a pass for example left, the ball could go right and on instant replay the arrow/line showing the direction I wished to play the ball is aiming left. So how did the ball go the complete other way with no deflection and the person passing having 80+ for short/long pass? Hopefully I'll still be able to finish in elite with some hard graft.
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  • Winter 2017
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Welcome to the FIFA world..
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  • Winter 2017
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This sounds like it would be incredibly stressful
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