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Title says it all. I'm curious to see who has the highest legit gamerscore earned on Xbox!

I am unsure of mine as I have had billions of accounts over the years I have been a part of Xbox.

Drop your highest legit gamerscore earned below!

User with the most gamerscore obtained legitly will be listed in this thread!

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I was never a gamer score guy, didnt care much.
But I got every achievement on Halo 3 and I like that one...
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higest i ever had was 74thousand or around that
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Highest i have had was 74,942.
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i had 2 accounts. first one was like 14k and my recent one is as 38k, i don't really play any single player games, and i just get the achievements on the way, i don't really go out of my way to get achievements anymore.

most of them was probably earned on Smite, since ive gotten over 200 achievements on that.
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Im like you I have had loads of accounts over the years , all that had good gamescore so Im not really sure lol
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Highest I had was close to 70k and my account was stolen years ago.
Now I just have 20k
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42,470. Not really that impressive. More of a MP kinda player..
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on my old account i had 93k but idk what happened to it
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I'm currently at 67,890 gamerscore I always beat the campaign an what not before i even play mutiplayer
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