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well this isnt me acting a baby but i need some opinions.

i class myself as a GOOD fifa player, i always got minimum gold 1 last fifa (not amazing but good enough)

ive always been positive record wise and stuff

this fifa i was 19-2-1

good right? BUT this patch i cant string 3 passes together and iv lost 4 on the bounce? is this just me or has the game changed this much?????? i will adapt eventually im not crying like a baby but im sure this is the game right??

also with prices being high and stuff can anybody build me a sick 400k hybrid????? 4321 if you can bcos ive tried loads of teams and cant stick to one and im yet to make a hybrid

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i notice player eg BRUMA OR MARTINS get caught way to easy i realeased Martins clear earlier only for Tah to catch him even though he was miles away
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