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Well I love winter the most it might be cold but I love watching it snow , and all the frozen ponds an stuff to skate on ,

So what's your favorite season

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Winter its Jeans and Hoodie season and socks i like socks
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I'm more of a Summer type person. I enjoy being at the beach.
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szn wroteI'm more of a Summer type person. I enjoy being at the beach.
Same with me tbh
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I love summer but i also like Winter around these times of October through to December with all the halloween and christmas feelings haha.
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Easily a winter person.
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Absolutely love the winter but where I'm at we haven't really had a winter in a couple of years
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Fall is the best.

I love my hoodies and shorts or even jeans, not too hot but then again not too cold on most occasions.

Leaves are falling, and my favorite holiday Halloween is this month.

I just enjoy everything about it besides pumpkin pie.

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whichever one has less allergies.
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