Ultimate TeamHow are you doing in the weekend league?Posted:

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I know the weekend league is still going on. It's my very first weekend league as this year i decided to give Ultimate Team a try. Im currently 20-10 with 10 games to play. So hopefully ill finish like Gold 1, but realistically ill finish Gold 2. So how are you guys doing if you qualified?
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You've done really well, hope you played well in the games you had left. I didn't bother trying to do the weekend league last fifa so it was my first time too. I finished with 14 wins, 21 losses and a broken headset. Could try and go for Gold 3 with the 5 games I have left but doubt I will be able to do it.
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Got Gold 3, Lost like 8 in a row in the middle playing Ronaldo, Aubameyang and all these other poeple that im not sure how anyone can afford haha!
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0/40 forgot to do it
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I managed to play 28 games this weekend, and got 21 wins which put me at Gold 2.
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