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This has been happening for awhile and have no idea why but whenever i turn my laptop on and enter my password i see a cmd prompt box saying The specified file could not be found. and then it closes immediately. I would show you guys a picture of it but unfortunately im not fast enough to do so before it closes.
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Start > Type CMD > Press Enter. Does CMD (command prompt) window load? If it does, type Sfc SCANNOW > Press Enter.This is to see if it is working properly or if you receive an error message. Use the System File Checker tool to repair missing or corrupted system files ---> [url=Link][/url]
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Every machine does it, sometimes people see it sometimes not. It may be a missing temp file. Nothing to worry about. As mentioned, SFC will ID the error if there is one present and will attempt to fix it.

CMD is used for the kernal boot; without it Windows would not boot properly
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I would recommend running CCleaner's registry tool to remove leftover paths from uninstalled programs. Sounds like something that was set to run at startup was leftover and is missing a dependency.
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