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So, I've been really inactive for the past 2-3 months due to the fact that not only do I have college (and soon a weekend job), my browser wouldn't load TheTechGame's domain whatsoever or very slowly, this made me very inactive as I couldn't really do much on the site in the meantime. However the problem has fixed itself out of the blue.

So I guess I'll be active again, Mikey I'm coming for that 'All Time High' badge boy.

See you around.

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Its good to see you back man! Remember and stay active
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Welcome back bud!
Be sure to refresh on the rules and stay active
See you around the forums.
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Glad to see you back here, I have recently came back and started to become more active.

I think you just need that little break to make you want to come back here and be active again, it feels good to be back!

See you around!
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Welcome back buddy.

My browser is **** up now and I just got on ffs.

Anyways glad to see you are back and hope to see you active around the community and within the shoutbox.

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welcome back
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Good to see an old head back.
Thanked and repped
Hope to see you around bruh
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Glad your back hope to see you around !!
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Welcome back to the site, man. Closing is on 10k posts.
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Nice to see you return mate, see you around.
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