TTG Shouterday is here! Come join the Shoutbox for some fun!Posted:

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Hello everyone it is that time of the week!

Its that time where lots of Rep, Memes, Sounds and TTGmotes will be seen, heard and given in the shoutbox today Click here to join the Shoutbox!

Some examples of the memes you could encounter while visiting the shoutbox.

If your screen flips around a few times when you join don't worry thats only the beginning of the fun features of Shouterday.

Some helpful things to know

How to turn Sounds on!

- Go to Settings underneath the Shoutbox shown below!

Useful tips!

Q1. How do I @ somebody in the ShoutBox?

A1. Click the @ button by their username

Q2. What are the hammers on some of their names in the 'Members in Chat' in the ShoutBox?

A2, Depends what colour the hammer is, if it's a yellow/gold colour it's Admin if it's a colour below that it's Moderator

Q3. How do I earn the Shoutbox Hero badge?

A3. You have to be in the Shoutbox when the RepFairy comes. You can check how many times the RepFairy has visited the ShoutBox by the number what it says in the Ranks Page. It's out of 100% so go and check it you want the badge.

If we can get 100 users online and active in the shoutbox today at 1 time, I will giveaway an xbox 1!

Click here to join the Shoutbox!

The Following 19 Users Say Thank You to Streamah For This Useful Post:

DoK (11-22-2017), iGFX (10-07-2017), Kyle (10-07-2017), Mikey (10-07-2017), Ethan (10-07-2017), RepBandit (10-07-2017), Nagisa (10-07-2017), Xbox (10-07-2017), dah (10-07-2017), Luke (10-07-2017), prodigy (10-07-2017), Ryoko (10-07-2017), Hero (10-07-2017), Daniel (10-07-2017), szn (10-07-2017), Vial (10-07-2017), Adam (10-07-2017), Decy (10-07-2017), clingy (10-07-2017)
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Me and the Rep Fairy have some unfinished business..
Where you at?
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the rep fairy can suck my left one, she hates me
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First time joining this. Time to see how it goes.
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I call dibs on next shouterday topic
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You can tell how dead the SB is by how many staff are in the SB.
SB is just another meme.
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Alcohol is bad kids.
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I'll stop by for a few before this college football starts

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