GeneralHow much was your engagement ring?Posted:

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How much was your engagement ring for your wife?
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Don't think there's really a purpose in the topic, most people either don't want to say, haven't bought one yet or will say more than what they payed to try and brag.

It was a lot. We'll keep it at that.
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does price matter?
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I havent proposed yet, I want to try to find the perfect one first.
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Nothing yet but when I do I'm not spending no more then 750$
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Bought a wedding set.
Engagement with a wedding band
Spent 1.1k then bought a mother's ring with three birth stones
Diamond earrings all purchased from Zales.

Wife wants a rock at 25 years, only 14 left to save. About 2 carats or more.
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I bought it for $1,300 at Zales, I paid it all in cash at first and then like a week later said nope, and got it on credit, lol.
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PostMalone wrotedoes price matter?
to most women, yes.
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