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I am going to be gifting 2 members gold tomorrow.

I haven't done a giveaway or even been active for a while so why not come back and do a gold giveaway.

Anybody can enter wether you have gold or not
Post to enter
Winners will be chosen in 24 hours

Rep and Thanks are appreciated but not required

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Count me in man! Wouldn't mind another gift of gold,
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I'll enter this! Thanks for the giveaway.
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Some gold would never hurt,

I'd like to enter either myself or the user

Thanks in advance for the giveaway dude

Thanked and rep'd
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Would love to get gold again. Thanks.
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Enter me into this man
Thanked and repped

Good to see you becoming active again.
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to enter
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gold would be helpful lol thanks
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I would like to enter, hopefully today is my lucky day!!
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Thanks for helping An giving back

Count me in ,
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