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Joined in like June 2014 when I was 14, all I done was search for free lobbies and leaks etc, just signed in again today, hoping to learn some new stuff and meet some new people .

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Well welcome back nice of ya to pop back in. There is a surplus of information here if you are trying to learn. If you decide you would to join the modding community and host the lobbies this time around you can purchase an already made rgh for 80-$150 never pay more than that.

Either feel free to pm me if ever need help i run rgh support but can be helpful with almost anything
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Bro I literally done the same, log in now and again to see all the changes, wish I could stay active
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Welcome back to the community
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Welcome back bro! Stay active this time around.
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Welcome back hope to see you around an being active
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I took some time off as well. It is good to be back.
Life takes control and sometimes, you don't have time to
be on this site. I completely understand that being in college.

I gifted gold for a while but once I got to school, I had to save money for rent.
Hopefully, next semester, i can get back into gifting. It is great to give back to this
community of knowledgeable people. Hopefully you're back for good!
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Welcome back to the site!
See you around the forums.
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Welcome back mate.
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welcome back
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