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Will someone recommend which chem styles would be the best for each player please? And suggestions for upgrades feel free to leave them as well.
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what players do you have....
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forgot to put the link lmao, here you go [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]
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and what are you going for? Sweaty gay prem squad? Theyre easy just throw on the pace cards and youve pretty much won

Pace/shot card for front 3

Passing for mid

Defence for back
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Like stated above, it depends on who you're using as different chem styles suit different players.

For example;

Anthony Martial has great pace, decent shooting and decent physical so I chose to use Hawk which boosts all of these. However, Oussemane Dembele has great pace, decent shooting, but dead physical. In this case, there is no point using a Hawk because his physical is too low and it would be a waste. That's why I use a Hunter because it ups his shooting by a ton.

At the end of the day it's a subjective matter, use whichever you like the best. Some people even claim that they cannot feel a difference between the chem styles but I would personally disagree.

Hope this helps in anyway.

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I didn't see that you posted your squad, so here is what I'd personally use;

(Bare in mind that I personally like to play a defensive, counter-attacking play style. I would rather a midfield that has great defending and great pace for the counters)

Lloris - Wall

Walker - Anchor
Luiz - Shadow
Alderweireld - Shadow
Baines - Shadow

Bakayoko - Shadow
Herrera - Shadow
Dembele - Shadow

Salah - Hunter
Jesus - Hunter
Martial - Hawk
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Try this website it will help you choose it gives you all the attributes for the chemistry styles.
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It depends on what you prefer really. Some players like to boost the stats that are good, for example putting Shadow on a defender like Kyle Walker who is already quick and good at defending.

It is my personal preference to boost the stats that are lacking. For example:


91 PAC 85 DRI
79 SHO 41 DEF
70 PAS 74 PHY

Shooting, passing and physical are the stats that kind of need a boost in my opinion, so you could use either Architect (+PAS, +PHY), Finisher (+SHO, +PHY), or Deadeye (+SHO, +PAS)

I'd go for Finisher, only because in the LF position he is going to need better shooting than that, and added strength which will help him shrug off defenders which complements his already quick pace.

As per futhead, it would turn his stats to this:

91 PAC 85 DRI
88 SHO 41 DEF
70 PAS 81 PHY

With futhead you can even see which individual stats get boosted. Here are some important ones:

Finishing 81 > 86
Shot Power 84 > 99
Finishing 86+5
Long Shots 70 > 85
Strength 76 > 86

You could use Hunter (+PAC, +SHO) but I don't feel that the full benefits of each chem style would be reaped seeing as his pace is already quick enough to beat a defender.

Not only are special chem card with pace expensive but people often use them impractically. Do you need catalyst on your central midfielder who already has 80-odd pace? Do they really need to be running at full speed to do their job effectively? These are the questions you ought to ask yourself before you spent 3,000 coins on a chemistry style. The cost really adds up when 3,000 x 11 = 33,000. 33k that could be much better spent, in my opinion.
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